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Murad is a brand that I am just seeing absolutely everywhere at the moment - every single beauty box and glossy magazine, I feel like the beauty industry have gone Murad mad! This is the Murad Resurgance Hydrating Toner, which I got out of a Glossy Box a few months ago. 
I've been using instead of my usual Liz Earle toner as that one unfortunately ran out and I thought I would try something different! I actually love that this is a spray toner that you spray 3-5 times directly onto your face, neck and chest area - for some reason it makes it feel so much fresher than placing it onto a cotton bad, no idea why! 

After I started using this for a while and looked it up to get a bit more information, I honestly had no idea this product would be £25. It is a great toner and premium product, but I wouldn't ever normally spend more that £15 on a toner so I was really surprised! 

It's said to have chamomile, cucumber (which I can really smell) and witch hazel, which soothes, calms and refines the skin. I have noticed a overall difference in my skin, I wake up and it feels so smooth and I feel it has got clearer and more of a balanced skin tone but then this could be down to a number of things! 

This is a great product, but I just can't say I would recommend it as at this price, it is extremely expensive and I feel you can get something very similar at half the cost. 

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