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If there's one thing that irritates me is my pores, i'm trying serums, primers, everything to make my pores appear that bit smaller. For the last few weeks I've been testing out this Pore Tightening Daily Moisturiser and Night Mask from a brand called Caolion. 

I opened this up in the evening so I started out by trying the Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask, this is like a thick honey sort of texture. Ultimately, it says to have a shape memory formula and cooling effect to tighten pores and calm skin overnight. When I think of a mask I think of something thick and messy, however this sunk in really nicely to the skin, was light and didn't make a mess on my pillows. You wash it off in the morning with lukewarm water and then apply the Pore Tightening Bounce Cream. 

This creamy moisturiser is used before you apply your makeup and after you have washed your face so your skin is completely clean. It's a jelly-like cream and you really don't need a lot of it to spread it all in. It's said to control Sebum, cleanses and tightens pores with cooling effect for anti-aging..great huh! 

Overall I feel that this duo has really improved my complexion, my skin looks brighter and clearer. Can't wait to keep using it and seeing more results! 

|| Caolion Available in Boots || 

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