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For so long I have been looking for a face sunless tanner that doesn't make me break out or look like an umpah-lumpah! And FINALLY I think i've found the one for me. 

This is the St. Tropez Face Tanner and yes I know what you're thinking, "expensive!" but actually, no, I found this little beauty in TK Maxx and for only £6 there was no way I was leaving the store without it! 

For this price i definitely thought it was worth a try and I have and I am really pleased with the results. The application instructions says to glide the product around your face using your fingers, spread evenly but don't rub it in. 

First time using it, me being me, didn't read the instructions and rub it in circles around my face and actually I found that it didn't make much of a difference in colour. So, when I did it properly and glided and spread it around evenly and lightly, I saw much more of darker glow the next day! 

I love how light this product is and doesn't smell of that horrid biscuit smell! The applicator pump also makes it super easy to not get too much product on your fingers before applying!

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