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And so the journey begins....

After my first few nights celebrating in Koh San road with a bucket or two...I joined a tour that showed me the Wat Po temple and flower market in the centre of Bangkok. Afterwards I went to the Grand Palace, which was absolutely beautiful. Instead of boring you all with oodles and oodles of detail I though it would be best for now to just choose a few of my favourite photos and put them on here. 

This cat was amazing by the way, the fluffiest thing ever and was so relaxed. 

I'm now sitting in a cafe in Chiang Mai, after travelling 12 hours from Bangkok in the sleeper train. (Last image below) Dare I say it, it wasn't bad! Apart from waking up at midnight thinking it was around 6am (jet lag hasn't settled) and waking up to a baby cockroach next to me - it was great fun! 

Later we're off to see a temple where the monks will be chanting - can't actually wait for this! Them off to the night market and Lady Boy show hahaha! Will let you know what that's like I'm sure... 
I've heard the night market in Chiang Mai is supposed to be insane...and I've saved myself for it! I'm keen to buy one of those stereotypical elephant traveller trousers, some tacky fake Ray Bans and a new hippy bag! Whoop 

Hope you enjoy the pics! There are lots more on my Facebook if you want to have a look

Lots of love xx

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