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One lady in a million...

I thought I would take a second to just write a little review on my current fave perfume at the moment.
This is the Paco Rabanne | Lady Million perfume, I got this just over a month ago and I was so happy when I did because it's been on my wish list for a while. I wanted a sort of "mature" scent, one that I could save for evenings and special occasions, and one that when you had it on you really felt like you had made an effort. 
That is actually what I love about perfume, it can quickly make you feel glamorous with a single spray - especially with this one anyway. 

It is a really vibrant and floral scent with jasmine and honey tones - mixed with fruity raspberries and oranges. It is honestly so gorgeous it makes you feel feminine and on point whenever you wear it. 

If you're looking for more of an evening perfume, one that shouldn't just be wasted on day-to-day, I highly recommend this one.  

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  1. I looove this perfume. Agree with you though, it's one for the evenings.